Sunday 30 September 2012


Just a little comment:

If you like to comment my posts (and I'm glad when you're doing that, because then I know If I have to write something else) and you haven't go a google-account or something like that:

just click on "name/url" and write your name don't have to write an url or sth! ;-)

Irish weather...

Actually we wanted to go to Kinsale today, but it rained in the morning and the weather forecast wasn't good too. So we discussed a lot at lunch and we agreed to go to Kinsale if it's better weather and we decided to go bowling.

nr 10 :-)

just the last one ;-)

and again: the weather forecast was wrong
Finally when we came out of the bowling centre..the sun was shining...
Never believe in the irish weather forecast!! :-P

Tomorrow the school starts again. If the weather is good we'll go do Kinsale tomorrow afternoon and if it's rainy we'll go to the cinema watching the movie "now is good" we don't know yet.
But it was a very nice and filled weekend :-)

I hope so was yours! <3

Saturday 29 September 2012


Our trip to the cliffs of moher was just incredible...


in the bus

the cliffs

great day!!

Friday 28 September 2012


For this week...our last school-day is over. I wasn't that bad in the test this morning, but I'll stay in this class, because I want to practice the speaking a bit more.
Today evening we're going to watch a show with typical irish music and dancing. It's called "the pulses of tradition" and I'm looking forward to it because my hostmother said it'll be good!
Tomorrow we're going to the cliffs of moher..yeei!! This is very cool and I hope the weather isn't too bad, because they must be incredible. And I'll take a lot of photos!

My hostmother told me that there will be another student next weekend, because sadly Cristina (my hostsister) left today. She was from Spain and I hope I'll see her again one day. The student who's coming next weekend is from France. And she's 17 or 18 too...but I'm not sure. So I'm "alone" just one week (in the family).
Michael (one son of my hostparents) has got a few job interviews this week so everybody is a bit fraught.

Yesterday on the Arthurs-Day there were two or three popular singers in Cork and everywhere in Ireland, but nobody knew where exactly. It was a secret. So If you were lucky "Mumford & Sons", "Mika" or "Ellie Goulding" was playing in a pub next to you. And Ellie Goulding was actually in Cork...and I didn't see her... :-(

Aand...I played the piano yesterday for the family and of course for Cristina, because it was her last evening, but it didn't sound very good. Some of the keys sounds very strange like the "d"... :-s

So I think I'm going to read a bit now.. maybe I'll understand the book, that I've read one year ago, a bit better now ;-)

Thursday 27 September 2012


School was like everyday. Grammar, speaking, reading, vocabulary,...
In the afternoon we went to a little lake called "lagh" (I think..I'm not sure). And we were there with the dog of the hostfamily of Christina.
And today is St.Arthur's-Day and a lot of the young people go in the evening to the pubs and celebrate.
Tomorrow we have a little test in school, but it's just that we see how we're going on and maybe go a level higher.  
at the lake
"socks"  :-D

so sweet
St.Arthurs-Day = publicity & party

Wednesday 26 September 2012


Today we went to the opera house again and booked the tickets for "romeo and juliet"!! 
I'm really looking forward to that! We bought some postcards and stamps too and tomorrow we'll maybe go to a little lake and then we go for a little walk around it.

hot chocolate
my new bag :-)
yeee!! ^^

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Today we compared things in school.. like these two dogs :-D they're from our teacher.
and yes, the second one is a dog too..
psycho and nena ^^
Then we had to say what we're not used to doing...that means things you don't know and normally you don't do things like that.
And there are a lot of things here, we don't do in Switzerland.
I'm not used to seeing people driving on the left.
I'm not used to using an electrical shower.
and I am used to taking my shoes off in the house, but here I don''s a bit strange.

In the afternoon we visited the opera house and checked some dates. And maybe we're going to watch something there.

St. Peter's and Paul's
 In the evening we wanted to go out but the pubs are just for people who are 18, so maybe I go to a pub one evening with some other people from school, who are 18.
But we went to McDonalds and we were drinking a coffee and a fat milkshake...and I decided I'll never drink a milkshake again in McDonalds.
Tomorrow we have to answer some more questions like where the cinema is or when we're going to the cliffs of moher.. my homework are done and I'm going to sleep now! Goodnight everyone!! ;-)

Monday 24 September 2012

1. Day

And now my first day in school, in the city... (if you didn't see it yet: there's a post about yesterday too!)
My first day was very cool and there were a lot of new things. Like driving on the left..
In the morning my hostfather drove me to school.
Ah: and I have a hostsister... she's from Spain and she's great. Very funny and lovley. She showed me already a lot of things.
In school we had to do 3 tests..and I'm now in the upper-intermediate level. In our class there are people from Spain, from Germany, from Switzerland and from Japan. We spoke a lot and it was cool. Our teacher is very nice and helped a lot.
In the afternoon we visited the city and it was sunny most of the time. All in all a very good first day!!

our first lunch in Cork..veery healthy ^^

beautiful rainbow
yes...I've already fallen in love ;-)


So yeah...I'm here! I'm really in Ireland...oh god, this is so cool.. :-)

and yesterday I couldn't go on the internet so I put together a little video of the day...typical me.. :-P
The flight was long and in London our flight was an hour late. But in Cork I found my hostmother very fast and we went home. They're soo nice and my tiny little room, which is really orange, when I switch on the lamp, is very's just great :-) 

I wanted to post video on the blog, but it takes just too long for uploading it...I have no idea why..because the movie is not even 2 minutes long.
I'm sorry..maybe later.. but I've some pictures too.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Tuesday 18 September 2012


I'm soooo really totally excited... It's already next sunday! Yayy! :-)

The weather forecast said it won't be very nice in Ireland and my host family said it too..but I hope the best!
Soon, soon, soohoon!!

I could touch the sky right now! :-)