Sunday 14 October 2012

Home sweet home

Back home!!

Thanks again for everything!!!
Martina, Jeannette & Christina you're the best!!! <3<3<3<3

Friday 12 October 2012

It's time to say goodbye


That's nearly the only thing I can say...
The time here was great and I hope you enjoyed it a little bit with me here on my blog. And I apologize (especially to Christina) for my mistakes. ;-) 
But I think the stories were more important than some mistakes! 

In school we had to say goodbye to a lot of good friends... however in the afternoon we had a good end of our stay. The "romeo & juliet" was great! 

And now I have to pack my things and tomorrow at 11.40 we'll be in the air. 
I'm looking forward to come back!!! 
Thanks for supporting me and thank you so much for your lovely comments and e-mails!!
I'll write a short post tomorrow when I'm at home... ;-) 

GOODBYE IRELAND, it was just great!!! I'll miss you and all the lovely people veeeery much!!!

Thursday 11 October 2012

Good Day

Today was a good day. The weather was windy but the sun was shining. 
In the morning school was a bit boring, but okay. I think we're lucky to have Angela as our teacher. She's great!
On tuesday we had to write recipe in little groups, because we learnt the vocabulary for things in the kitchen and actions in the kitchen. So we had to write the ingredients and then write the instructions veery clear. So every detail we had to write down. And our teacher said: that we have to write everything because she'll try every recipe on Thursday and she'll bring the meals to school and we have to taste it. And if something is wrong it's not her fault it's ours. 
I didn't really believed her, that she'll really do that, but then she spoke about that again and we were discussing if it's a joke or not. And today she did it and brought everything to school. And we had to taste it. And we were lucky, that everything was good! And it was really good!! :-)

So we had a lot of different things to taste like "crèpes", "potato omelette", "spaghetti carbonara", "älplermakronen" :-),  a really good cream from France with eggs and something from China (a kind of soup). It was fun! And we didn't have to eat something for lunch, because everything was so good.

And as I said before, in the afternoon we went shopping for the last time!
A really good day!

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Today we were in the Blarney Castle. The weather wasn't so nice, but it wasn't too bad. We had a lot of fun today...but we have to say that we didn't speak English the whole day and it's just a lot more fun in Swiss-German than in English. But I think we did it very well during the three weeks to speak English!! 

And tomorrow we'll go for the last time shopping!! :-)

the castle

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Just a few more days

Yesterday it was a really bad day. Not because of my mood but the weather was horrible.
We visited the university college in the afternoon and it rained the whole afternoon...and the worst thing was that I forgot my umbrella in the school. And after we went back to the city center and I get my umbrella and when I came out of the school it didn't rain anymore. :-s

But the university was veery very beautiful to visit. It's really big and old and nice.
I would like to go to school there. Jeannette and I checked the courses they would offer and there's one for "music & theatre" so we wanted to stay there...but we had to go back :-(    ;-)

just a little part of it
And today we had movie-time... we watched a movie at "my" house. It's called "music of the hearts" and it's a really good movie. I like!
And I managed to take a photo of the whole hostfamily and me!! Jeee! Because that's quite difficult... Sometimes someone is missing or you want to do it on the last day but then is everything too busy, but I got it!! But I don't load it up here. So in anyone wants to know how my hostfamily looks like have to watch the movie I'll make! ;-)

Tomorrow we hope to see the Blarney Castle...I hope the weather is good.
Just a few more days left... and I don't know how to feel right now. But I just enjoy the last days and look forward to go back!!

Monday 8 October 2012

Weekend and so on

Today I can't write much because the internet is just short on. And because of that I can't load up a lot of pictures. (and that's also the reason why I didn't write on Saturday and on Sunday)

We saw the ring of Kerry and there were so beautiful landscapes and the sea was breath-taking. The weather was soooo nice...just awesome. We saw a lot an took a lot of pictures.


We went to the Wild Life Park and saw a lot of different animals. The weather wasn't very nice so we didn't stay very long, but it was fun.

Friday 5 October 2012

Saved or lost?

Today we had our test, like every friday and I decided to stay in the same class. A lot of the german people will leave this weekend and if there won't come some new people we're going to be a tiny class. 

In the afternoon we went to Cobh, where the Titanic last stopped and because of that we visited the Titanic-museum.


For one afternoon we were passengers of the Titanic. For one afternoon my name was Ellen Natalia Shine and I was 20 years old and I travelled in the 3rd class.
At the end we could see if we were saved or lost. (so the names were from real people on the Titanic)
Aaand...I was saved..yeii. But I died in 1993 :-P
It was a fascinating day in a fascinating museum!!

the cathedral
Tomorrow we'll go to the ring of Kerry and on sunday probably to the wild life park...we hope for good weather...

Thursday 4 October 2012

Musing (nachdenklich)

If I had to describe the day it would nearly be the opposite of yesterday...
I don't know why..It wasn't so bad but right now I'm feeling sad. The weather wasn't and isn't very good. It's actually a bit depressing. 

The tattoo hurts a bit, when I'm or sth's touching it and because of some bad news I'm a bit musing. 
And even it was very fun in school, the afternoon didn't go as we wanted to. Because we wanted to watch a movie in school, because they made the offer to watch one, but finally in the room, where we should have watched the movie, they had a meeting so they cancelled it. And we had to do something else. So we wrote the postcards, we didn't wrote yesterday.

On my way home I saw two horses. They were very beautiful and nosey. But they don't let me touch them. But I took some photos.

hey duude :-)
I hope your day was a bit better than mine. :-) Don't stop believing ;-)

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Happy Day

Today was just a happy day!!!

School was okay like everyday and our class is great..I like all of them!! And our teacher is still nice :-)
In the afternoon we decided to go to the cinema, because the film we wanted to watch was only this week. So we watched "Now is good"...

sth unimportant to know: popcorn stays in your stomach for about 3 days like chewing gums!! :-P
And we were the only ones in the cinema and we cried all together at the end :-D

And those who haven't seen it already on facebook...I have a tattoo now!!! :-)
"Don't stop believing" !!!! It didn't hurt that much and I'm very happy now! And thanks for the nice comments :-)

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Nothing special today

School was a bit boring today, but okay. And although we have so much people from Germany and Switzerland in our class everytime I'm with a Japanese guy/girl when we have to work in a team. :-) but they're all very nice and I learned to count from 1-5! I don't know how to write but it sounds like: 
nii, si, sao, schii, go... I'm not sure about the 2 but... and I learn a lot about Irish and Japanese and Spanish people. It's very interesting. 
In the afternoon we showed the city to a new brasilian woman. She arrived only yesterday. And she can't speak and understand English very well and it's very difficult to help her. But she's 39 so we do our best and hope she can help herself too...

And I had to wait an hour for my bus :-( ... the bus system isn't the best on earth. While I was waiting there were a few people with funny dresses. They said they are from "joyville" and they distributed some chocolate. 

In the evening we don't have much to do. So my hostmother gave me some DVD's..and I have enough to do :-D

Tomorrow we'll write some postcards :-D so maybe, maybe soon will be a postcard from ireland in your postbox ;-)

Monday 1 October 2012


In school there were a few new people (a second Maria too). We're now about 10 or 12 students in our class and two of them are spanish and two of them japanese and the rest is german or swiss :-P, but we're talking English all the time!!

In the afternoon:
Nice weather = going to Kinsale :-) it was a beautiful day and we took a lot of photos and had a lot of fun!! Kinsale is very peaceful and colourful too!

the sea

Jeannette found a shell and she was so proud she could have opened it :-)

sea-monster called "Jeaböös" :-D

lovely cottages