Tuesday 9 October 2012

Just a few more days

Yesterday it was a really bad day. Not because of my mood but the weather was horrible.
We visited the university college in the afternoon and it rained the whole afternoon...and the worst thing was that I forgot my umbrella in the school. And after we went back to the city center and I get my umbrella and when I came out of the school it didn't rain anymore. :-s

But the university was veery very beautiful to visit. It's really big and old and nice.
I would like to go to school there. Jeannette and I checked the courses they would offer and there's one for "music & theatre" so we wanted to stay there...but we had to go back :-(    ;-)

just a little part of it
And today we had movie-time... we watched a movie at "my" house. It's called "music of the hearts" and it's a really good movie. I like!
And I managed to take a photo of the whole hostfamily and me!! Jeee! Because that's quite difficult... Sometimes someone is missing or you want to do it on the last day but then is everything too busy, but I got it!! But I don't load it up here. So in anyone wants to know how my hostfamily looks like have to watch the movie I'll make! ;-)

Tomorrow we hope to see the Blarney Castle...I hope the weather is good.
Just a few more days left... and I don't know how to feel right now. But I just enjoy the last days and look forward to go back!!

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