Monday 1 October 2012


In school there were a few new people (a second Maria too). We're now about 10 or 12 students in our class and two of them are spanish and two of them japanese and the rest is german or swiss :-P, but we're talking English all the time!!

In the afternoon:
Nice weather = going to Kinsale :-) it was a beautiful day and we took a lot of photos and had a lot of fun!! Kinsale is very peaceful and colourful too!

the sea

Jeannette found a shell and she was so proud she could have opened it :-)

sea-monster called "Jeaböös" :-D

lovely cottages

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Carolin said...

awh ♥ ich hoffe du bist mir nicht böse wenn ich auf deutsch antworte .- ich möchte mich hier ja nicht völlig blamieren mit meinem englisch :D
wie ist es da so ? wie ist deine gastfamilie ? und ich finde es gut dass ihr tzdm alle untereinander englisch redet !

alles liebe an dich ♥

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