Tuesday 2 October 2012

Nothing special today

School was a bit boring today, but okay. And although we have so much people from Germany and Switzerland in our class everytime I'm with a Japanese guy/girl when we have to work in a team. :-) but they're all very nice and I learned to count from 1-5! I don't know how to write but it sounds like: 
nii, si, sao, schii, go... I'm not sure about the 2 but... and I learn a lot about Irish and Japanese and Spanish people. It's very interesting. 
In the afternoon we showed the city to a new brasilian woman. She arrived only yesterday. And she can't speak and understand English very well and it's very difficult to help her. But she's 39 so we do our best and hope she can help herself too...

And I had to wait an hour for my bus :-( ... the bus system isn't the best on earth. While I was waiting there were a few people with funny dresses. They said they are from "joyville" and they distributed some chocolate. 

In the evening we don't have much to do. So my hostmother gave me some DVD's..and yees..now I have enough to do :-D

Tomorrow we'll write some postcards :-D so maybe, maybe soon will be a postcard from ireland in your postbox ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hoi du firmgottemeitli hihi,
mues in dütsch schriibe bin definitiv schneller und sött ebe go choche...
es isch mega cool immerwieder uf dini siite zgah und zghöre was du alles so erläbsch! eifach hammer! es erinneret mi a mini reise und sprachufenthalt woni gha han... und schriibsch uh guet. danke. freumi scho uf die nöchste biiträg!
Ich mues dier vo allne en gruess schicke aso vo de olivia, de fiona, de jana, em michi und vo mier und en mini gruess us mim buuch! jaaa det drin isch nämli dini ehhhm "chliicousine oder chliicousin"... aso en sächserumarmig nach irland und gnüsses no!!! Astrid

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