Thursday 11 October 2012

Good Day

Today was a good day. The weather was windy but the sun was shining. 
In the morning school was a bit boring, but okay. I think we're lucky to have Angela as our teacher. She's great!
On tuesday we had to write recipe in little groups, because we learnt the vocabulary for things in the kitchen and actions in the kitchen. So we had to write the ingredients and then write the instructions veery clear. So every detail we had to write down. And our teacher said: that we have to write everything because she'll try every recipe on Thursday and she'll bring the meals to school and we have to taste it. And if something is wrong it's not her fault it's ours. 
I didn't really believed her, that she'll really do that, but then she spoke about that again and we were discussing if it's a joke or not. And today she did it and brought everything to school. And we had to taste it. And we were lucky, that everything was good! And it was really good!! :-)

So we had a lot of different things to taste like "crèpes", "potato omelette", "spaghetti carbonara", "älplermakronen" :-),  a really good cream from France with eggs and something from China (a kind of soup). It was fun! And we didn't have to eat something for lunch, because everything was so good.

And as I said before, in the afternoon we went shopping for the last time!
A really good day!

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Francy said...

thats a great idee!
oder so ähnlich :-)

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